Exploring the Possibilities

Who doesn't like the work possibilities? Or potential? Or exploration? These all sound like opportunities for new adventures. When it comes to art, there are limitless possibilities for growth. This month we host a how at Handworks Gallery called "Bring May Flowers". Not a usual subject for me but I was eager to try.Fortunately I visited an incredible garden last summer "Kingsbrae Gardens" in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. There was no lack of subject material.

I am pleased with how the paintings turned out. I may even paint more flowers.

Full Steam Ahead

I keep track of how many paintings I create each year. Lately I have been more productive than ever. Productivity is not the goal. But time spent painting is precious to me.

One project in the works is a series of pieces that my daughter Elizabeth and I work on together.

Here are some works that we have co-completed and are now available at Handworks Gallery.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme for web.jpg
Sit A While for web.jpg
Sun Rays on Waterloo Street for web.jpg
View from the Lumbermill for web.jpg

So Many Changes

I made the huge leap to semi-retirement this year. For a while I was working three jobs and and trying to keep up my artwork. But now I work several days a week at Handworks Art Gallery in Saint John, and the enjoyment of having my daughter as my boss. Yes it works out well.

Last spring I spent an incredible week with a friend and visited Glace Bay, Cape Breton. This included an amazing trip to Louisbourg providing enough material for plenty of artwork.

In August, I had the wonderful opportunity to study with Maggie Rose at a workshop held at Sunbury Shores in St.Andrews. And automatically signed up for another workshop next summer.

Life is good!

Lovin' the life of an artist

It has been a busy spring and I have been working on lots of projects, including a commission and a special project that I will write about later.

I tried warming up my plein air skills but discovered that Glace Bay, Nova Scotia can be very windy. I chased towels and all sorts when they took flying lessons.

Among other great positive news, I am really excited to accounce that I have been accepted as a juried member of the SCA Society of Canadian Artist.

I have so many ideas in my head itching to come out on canvas. Now to find the time...

Sunset on Wentworth Street.  Sold through Handworks Gallery

Sunset on Wentworth Street.  Sold through Handworks Gallery

Mellow Meadow.  Sold at RNS Art show

Mellow Meadow.  Sold at RNS Art show

Carmine. Sold at the RNS Art show

Carmine. Sold at the RNS Art show

End of the year wrap up - 2017

It has been a year filled with wonderful opportunities for my art along side some real personal challenges.  I am grateful that both turned out to be positive.

On the plus side, I enjoyed my second trip to Partridge Island (by kayak rather than hiking the breakwater this time), my daughter and her husband moved back to the area, I attended my first Powwow - an amazing experience, I participated in another plein air event at Kings Landing (one of my favorite places) and I managed to paint, paint, paint.  

One highlight was that the association I work for used my art on cards that are distributed to industry contacts.  This was a wonderful opportunity for me as we deal with people all across the communications industry.

The joy I experience when painting is matched by the joy I feel when buyers connect with something I have created.

I was commissioned for a painting.  After I asked the buyer why this place was so special that he wanted it painted as a gift for his wife.  

Jim's Porch.jpg

*In this crazy, fast paced world of ours, we all look for a place to escape to, a respite from the daily grind where we can collect our thoughts, rest and rejuvenate.

For me and my family, it’s the front porch of our beach cottage in Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island.

We spend hours on end just sitting on the porch , sometimes in quiet reflection, sometimes visiting with friends, feeling the warmth of the sunshine and always reminded how thankful we are for our blessings.

We can’t thank Dale enough for magnificently capturing all that in her amazing painting, which will be a family heirloom from this day forth.

Jim Babchak
A&E Television Networks

Looking forward to 2018

It has been an interesting year with some challenges and many delights. Painting figurative art has been exciting for me and I have so many planned for the upcoming year. In the meantime I plan to enjoy a restful Christmas. I thank all those who have encouraged me.

This is one painting I look forward to working on more.




Now represented by Handworks Gallery, Saint John, NB

Life is about moving forward and one of my favorite sayings is "Timing is everything". And for me, it felt right to make the move to gallery representation. In many ways it will make life easier for me and will challenge me to continue to grow and develop my skills as an artist.

It wasn't until I began painting more figurative work, that I felt comfortable with this move. This is where I really like to focus my growth. I will continue to paint plein air and studio landscapes and still life.

We do not live in isolation - especially in Saint John, and the support I have from my friends and family and from wonderful contacts I have made on social media has been uplifting.

So, thank you to Handworks for your confidence in me. I am moving forward.

New Website - How to drive myself crazy

This is my third webpage in about twenty years so I have limited experience. My goal was to create something SIMPLE AND EASY. Thank heavens for the how-to videos.

I feel like a kids pounding my fists and kicking my feet. I don't want to do this. I want to play. In my case that means find a quick and easy site and then sprend my time painting.

So forgive me if I goof up here and there on my page. Be patient and visit often to see if I have actually improved my website skills.

In the meantime, take a look at the artwork and know that each brushstroke brought me joy.


putting on my thinking cap.